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Appraiser External Feedback Guidelines

How to prepare to collect external feedback?

Before you start collecting feedback on your performance (also known as behavioural indicators) in chosen competence areas, you might want to think about the following:
  • Which is the competence area(s) would I benefit the most from getting feedback?
  • If self-assessment has already been completed, in which competence areas would I need additional insights?
  • Which training events could generate the most relevant and valued feedback insights?
  • Am I ready and open to receiving feedback as it comes?
  • Would I need anything else to prepare for receiving feedback?
  • Do I need additional support in receiving/processing feedback?
Task no.1
Issued by organiser or scanning QR code
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#Undergoing personal/ professional development through feedback
#Understands the values and mechanisms of feedback
#Gives, receives and integrates feedback in a constructive way
#Asks for feedback
#Shows willingness to learn from others, even those who might hold different values and worldviews
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