Goal and Effect - Setting Up Learning Goals


Goal and Effect - Setting Up Learning Goals



Goal and Effect is a method commonly used in coaching contexts and can also be effectively incorporated into training design. Although it is possible to apply the method individually, we recommend pairing up with a colleague so that you can support each other in identifying both Goal and Effect.

The method is beneficial for setting personal objectives and broadening one’s perspective on potential approaches to achieving these goals, as well as maintaining the pursuit of these objectives.

Initially, articulate your developmental goal and note it on a sheet of paper.
When formulating a goal, consider these criteria:
- Is it expressed positively? (what I desire)
- Is it within my control? (what I can take responsibility for)
- Is it sustainable? (it should not harm myself or others)

Next, in pairs, decide who will assume the role of guiding the other through the training exercise. The method comprises a few clear steps.

1. Goal: Stand on the 'Goal' paper and connect with the objective both mentally and physically. The guide inquires about the sensations of standing on the goal and why it is significant to you.
2. Effect of the Goal: Write “EFFECT” or the actual outcome of reaching the goal. The facilitator explores how it feels to attain this and considers its importance in terms of professional transformation and impact on others.
3. Resources I Possess: Return to the 'Goal' paper. Position 'Resources' on the right side. Reflect on the most valuable resources you have to achieve your goal.
4. Actions: Considering the resources at your disposal, what steps can you take?
5. Trigger: Revisit the goal. Then, from a meta-perspective, stand back from the previous four elements. What is the trigger or signal that will remind you of your goal and the necessary actions?

Debriefing: After both participants have completed the exercise, reflect on the experience. Discuss the experience of assisting another person in setting their goal.

This activity supports trainers’ competence development in the "Facilitating Learning" area. Activity content and badge issuing criteria aligned with the European Training Strategy Competence model for trainers working internationally.

Competence: support learners in identifying and meeting their learning needs and overcoming any barriers. In particular:
- Skill to establish a supportive relationship with the learner
- Skill to support and encourage/confront learners in a useful way
- Ability to support learners to learn from each other’s differences
- Empathy, honesty and respect

If you want to endorse (?) our organisation, this activity, and/or badge, send us an email! Contact us at info@nectarus.lt for further questions.

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This badge shows the knowledge of the method “Goal and Effect” as a way to support other people in setting up their learning goals.

The task for earning this badge was trying out the method and sharing personal reflection on the experience in facilitating one-to-one process in setting one’s own goal.

Activity content and badge issuing criteria are aligned with the European Training Strategy (ETS) competence model for trainers to work internationally.

Задание номер 1
Доказательства проверены: Один организатор мероприятия
Try out the method and share your reflection on the experience of supporting another person in defining their goal, resources, possible effect and a trigger.
How did it feel to facilitate one-to-one process and what were your insights about this process?


#Support learners in identifying and meeting their learning needs and overcoming any barriers
Facilitating learning processes
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